We all search for this meaning of life, this way to go.

We try to be different, we try to define ourselves.

But in the end, we are still this crowd,

moving forward and backward at the same time.





My wall against yours. Yours against mine.

Us against each other.

Whispering voices in between.

Words, thoughts, visions.

Quiet, weak, hopeless.

I want to raise.

I want to raise these voices.

Can you help me?

Louder, louder, I need to hear you. So I know I am still alive.


Worlds against Worlds. Walls against Walls.

The International Performance Art Project

Voices Between Walls, a cooperation project between Annika Rachor (Performance Artist, Germany) and Isakari Umuhire (Muntu 621, Visual Artist, Rwanda) is aiming to raise those small voices in between the walls we built.

Since two years Annika Rachor (voicesforidentity) is travelling through East Africa and Europe to collect voices talking about the topics of identity and home. In a world that is breaking apart, in which the identical logic is pursuing to shielding up, to giving in fear and feeling threatened, in order to identify yourself and others, it is important to focus on those topics that unite us. Topics we all can rely to. The performance art project is aiming to give those voices the freedom to speak.


Copyright @ 2019 Annika Rachor, Curator and Initiator of Voices For Identity.

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