We all search for this meaning of life, this way to go.

We try to be different, we try to define ourselves.

But in the end, we are still this crowd,

moving forward and backward at the same time.




In the years 2018-2020 many voices speaking about the topic of identity will be recorded, many paintings about the topic of identity will be collected.

In summer 2020 all these voices and paintings

 and special art pieces from the Art Galleries, collaborating with the installation project,

will be presented in the Art Exhibition


at an art gallery in Hamburg, Germany.

They will come together, will build a timeless art of the mind, from people all over the world.

Our world is divided, in every minute we are trying to seperate us from each other, trying to find differences and forgetting, that in the end, we are all having the same struggles, the same thoughts, we all are HUMANS.

Who are we? What is the meaning of life?

The search for identity is present everywhere.

This exhibition is inviting everyone.

Everyone is welcomed.

We will celebrate us. As human beings, searching and searching and hopefully at this special event, we will share our search, our thoughts and will be united, at least in this very moment.

Be part of the network, be part of the search.

Tear down these walls. Come together. Now.

Copyright @ 2019 Annika Rachor, Curator and Initiator of Voices For Identity.

All Rights Reserved.